How do I? ...Ferment or Pickle

Preparing and Canning Fermented and Pickled Foods

Low-Temperature Pasteurization Treatment

The following treatment results in a better product texture but must be carefully managed to avoid possible spoilage. Place jars in a canner filled half way with warm (120º to 140º F) water. Then, add hot water to a level 1 inch above jars. Heat the water enough to maintain 180º to 185º F water temperature for 30 minutes. Check with a candy or jelly thermometer to be certain that the water temperature is at least 180ºF during the entire 30 minutes. Temperatures higher than 185ºF may cause unnecessary softening of pickles. Caution: Use only when recipe indicates.

Illustration of low-temperature pasteurization treatment: jars in canner filled with water 1 - 2 inches over the tops; a thermometer reading the water temperature with the lable 'Heat water between 180 to 185 degrees farhenheit for thirty minutes; a timer set for half an hour.

This document was extracted from the "Complete Guide to Home Canning," Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 539, USDA (Revised 2009).

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