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Cooperative Extension Service Food Preservation Publications

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Representative Food Preservation Publications

  • HE-001 Food Preservation In Alabama (for sale)
  • HE-004 Freezing Main Dishes
  • HE-016b Summer The Year Round With Frozen Fruits
  • HE-020 Frozen Food Storage And Care Of Your Freezer
  • HE-019 Wise Methods Of Canning Vegetables
  • HE-026 Canning Snap Beans and Other Vegetables
  • HE-071 Pickles And Relishes
  • HE-203a Getting Ready to Dry Vegetables
  • HE-204b How to Dry Apples, Peaches, or Pears
  • HE-360 Drying Fruits At Home
  • HE-605 Drying Herbs

Related Publications

  • HE-322 The Uninvited Dinner Guest: Botulism
  • HE-535 Canning for Fairs and Exhibits
  • HE-670 Food and Water Safety When the Power Goes Out
  • HE-753 Starting a Food Processing Business?

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