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Cooperative Extension Service Food Preservation Publications

Link to Extension publications about Food, Nutrition, & Health:, Nutrition and Health.

Representative Food Preservation Publications

  • FNH-00124 Canning Walrus in Pint Jars
  • FNH-00128 Canning the Catch
  • FNH-00224 Add Variety to Home-Canned Fish
  • FNH-00226 Canning Moose and Caribou
  • FNH-00222 Home Freezing of Fish
  • FNH-00264 Home Freezing of Vegetables
  • FNH-00169 Alaskan Grown Cabbage – More Than Just Sauerkraut (for sale)
  • FNH-00228 Fruit Leather
  • FNH-00262 Making Jerky

Home Food Preservation Lesson Series

  • FNH-00562A Back to Basics: Lesson 1
  • FNH-00562B Canning Overview/Equipment: Lesson 2
  • FNH-00562C Canning Acidic Foods – Fruits and Tomatoes: Lesson 3
  • FNH-00562D Canning Low Acid Foods – Vegetables and Meat: Lesson 4
  • FNH-00562E Jams and Jellies: Lesson 5
  • FNH-00562F Pickles and Relishes: Lesson 6
  • FNH-00562G Freezing: Lesson 7
  • FNH-00562H Drying Fruits and Vegetables: Lesson 8

Representative Related Publications

  • FNH-00020 Morel Mushrooms – A Guide for Selection and Use
  • FNH-00022 Assembling a Can Sealer
  • FNH-00028 Wild Edible and Poisonous Plants of Alaska(for sale)
  • FNH-00062 Making Yogurt at Home
  • FNH-00120 Collecting and Using Alaska Wild Berries and Other Wild Products (for sale)
  • FNH-00230 Mailing Alaska Fish
  • FNH-00268 Botulism – A Deadly Food Poisoning

Representative Related Multimedia Publications

  • Preserving Alaska's Bounty (flash presentation)
  • On the Air recordings: Pressure Canners
  • FNH-01282 Canning Meat and Fish in Cans (DVD)
  • FNH-01289 Processing Game Meat (DVD)
  • FNH-01291 Roses and Fireweed (DVD)

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