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Cooperative Extension Service Food Preservation Publications

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Select “Food & Nutrition” and then "Food Preservation and Storage"

Representative Food Preservation Publications

  • CFS-146-W Drying Foods at Home
  • CFS-583-W Let's Preserve Tomatoes
  • CFS-596-W Let's Preserve Pickles
  • CFS-131-W Uncooked Jams
  • CFS-134-W Freezing Vegetables at Home
  • CFS-135-W Freezing Fruit at Home
  • CFS-422-W Spotlight on Freezer Storage
  • CFS-423-W Spotlight on Cupboard Storage
  • CFS-584-W Let's Preserve Pears
  • CFS-585-W Let's Preserve Cherries
  • CFS-586-W Let's Preserve Strawberries
  • CFS-587-W Let's Preserve Berries (Except Strawberries)
  • CFS-588-W Let's Preserve Peaches, Apricots, Nectarines
  • CFS-589-W Let's Preserve Apples
  • CFS-590-W Let's Preserve Fruit Pie Fillings
  • CFS-591-W Let's Preserve Jelly, Jam, Spreads
  • CFS-592-W Let's Preserve Leafy Greens
  • CFS-593-W Let's Preserve Peppers
  • CFS-594-W Let's Preserve Snap Beans
  • CFS-595-W Let's Preserve Sweet Corn
  • CFS-610-W Let's Preserve Sauerkraut

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