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Cooperative Extension Service Food Preservation Publications

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Representative Food Preservation Publications

  • G1816 Food Preservation, Safety, and Shelf Life Extension: Food Processing for Entrepreneurs Series
  • EC434 Let's Preserve: Canning Basics
  • EC435 Let's Preserve: Vegetables and Vegetable Products
  • EC436 Let's Preserve: Fruit and Fruit Products
  • EC437 Let's Preserve: Tomatoes and Tomato Products
  • EC443 Let's Preserve: Fermented and Pickled Foods
  • EC448 Let's Preserve: Jams, Jellies & Preserves
  • EC450 Let's Preserve: Meat, Poultry, Fish and Seafood

Representative Related Publications

  • G1600 Freeze Concentration of Fruit Juices: Food Processing for Entrepreneurs Series
  • G1708 Food Safety for Temporary Foods Service Establishments
  • G1706 Food Safety for Farmer’s Markets
  • G1599S Comprendiendo Las BPM para Salsas y Aderozos
  • EC446 Food Storage

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Extension Food Specialist
University of Nebraska- Lincoln
Cooperative Extension Service
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