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Cooperative Extension Service Food Preservation Publications

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Representative Food Preservation Publications

Factsheets on the web:

  • Canning High Acid Foods
  • Pressure Canning of Vegetables and Meat
  • Pickle-making basics
  • Foodborne Botulism
  • Preserving Foods For Special Diets
  • Quality Seafood
  • Canning Low-Acid Foods: Some Common Questions
  • Food Preservation on the Web
  • Freezing foods
  • Quality Seafood
  • Freezing: Some Common Questions
  • Drying Food
  • Making Meat Jerky
  • Dried Foods: Questions and Answers
  • Pickles And Relishes: Some Common Questions
  • Envasado de Tomates y Productos Con Tomate
  • Envasado de Frutas
  • Envasado de Hortalizas
  • Recetas para el Envasado de Salsas

Representative Related Publications

  • Storing Food and Water for Emergencies
  • Fresh Cheese Made Safely
  • Queso Fresco Hecho Saludable

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