Put it up! Food Preservation for Youth

Put It Up! Food Preservation for Youth curriculum is a series of informal educational lessons that guide youth to explore and understand the science of safe food preservation.

What age range is meant by “youth”?

The hands-on food preparation activities are designed for middle school ages; however, they are appropriate for 4th- to 12th-graders depending on prior experience with food preparation and sciences.

Who can lead the lessons?

After-school group leaders, summer camp instructors, parents, 4-H agents, other Extension educators, farm to school programmers, and classroom teachers…anyone who is comfortable with food preparation and food preservation, or is willing to learn!

If you are not familiar with the basics of food preservation, then please read materials such as ‘Principles of Home Canning’ from the USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning, So Easy To Preserve, publications on the National Center for Home Food Preservation website, and/or materials from Cooperative Extension.

How are the lessons organized?

The series is composed of six different food preservation methods: boiling water canning, making jam, pickling, freezing, drying, and pressure canning. Each method is divided into a beginning hands-on activity and an advanced hands-on activity. Activities may stand alone or be sequenced for cumulative learning. In addition to step-by-step procedures, reflection questions, and ideas for experimentation, each method also includes additional activities: a science-based fill-in-the blank challenge, a history-based word search, a glossary, a resource list, a knowledge test, and more. Each preservation activity is also accompanied by a legal-sized “poster” with simplified step-by-step instructions to be printed and posted as a checklist to help keep everyone on track and working together. 

How much do the lessons cost?

This curriculum is currently available in pdf form for your program use, at no charge, thanks to funding from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA.

Want to hear more about how we developed the curriculum?

Watch and listen to a recording of the webinar "Teaching Youth How to Put It Up". Having trouble watching the video? Use VLC Media Player to view it.

Have questions about adopting Put It Up! to your youth program?

You are welcome to use the curriculum as is in your programs. If you have questions about adopting or adapting the curriculum to your particular program, please contact us at foodpres@uga.edu.

How do I get a copy of the lessons?

To access pdf files of the curriculum, please click the link below and complete the request form. Once you submit the request form you will receive a username, password, and webpage address with the curriculum files. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS USERNAME/PASSWORD/WEBSITE INFORMATION WITH ANYONE ELSE. In order to continue to be able to offer the curriculum at no cost, we must gather information about who is using it and how it is being used. Thank you very much for honoring our request.

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