Partnerships Produce a National Center for Home Food Preservation Research and Education

Andress, E.L., Harrison, J.A, Harrison, M.A., Kerr, W.L. and Nummer, B.A., The University of Georgia, Extension Foods and Nutrition, 208 Hoke Smith Annex, Athens, GA 30602-4356

Galaxy II Extension Professionals Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, September 23, 2003

About Us

The National Center for Home Food Processing and Preservation is a multi-institutional collaboration funded by with funding from the Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture (CSREES-USDA) with the University of Georgia as the primary institution. Scientists from Alabama A&M University and the University of California-Davis are partners. Experts in home food preservation from other U.S. universities and industry comprise an advisory committee.

Interest in home food preservation and processing remains high in the U.S., but methods must be continually evaluated against updated information in food safety. It is critical to provide educators and consumers with access to current science-based information concerning safety and quality issues regarding home processing of food, and to encourage adoption of revised practices. The Center was established to address food safety concerns for those who practice and teach home food preservation and processing methods. Therefore, the Center is creating, gathering, evaluating, and disseminating science-based recommendations and conducting research as needed in support of those recommendations.

The objectives being addressed include: The faculty in the Center receive numerous requests for technical assistance and trainings from many other states as well as the home food preservation industries in the U.S. and Canada. Undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Georgia and Alabama A&M University are receiving educational benefits through their involvement in the research and curriculum development aspects of the Center's activity.

Project Team

The University of Georgia
Project Director  —  Elizabeth L. Andress, Ph.D., Professor and Extension Food Safety Specialist
Co-Directors  —  Judy A. Harrison, Ph.D., Professor and Extension Foods Specialist
Mark A. Harrison, Ph.D., Professor, Food Science and Technology
William L. Kerr, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Food Science and Technology
Collaborator  —  Anne L. Sweaney, Ph.D., Professor, Housing and Consumer Economics
Team Members  —  Brian A. Nummer, Ph.D., Project Coordinator
Elaine D'sa, Ph.D., Research Coordinator
Jimmy Hansen, Web Site Administrator

Alabama A&M University
Project Director  —  Lloyd T. Walker, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Interim Chair, Food and Animal Sciences
John C. Anderson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Food and Animal Sciences


University of California-Davis
Linda Harris, Ph.D., Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist, Food Sciences and Technology
University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez
Edna Negrón, Ph.D., Professor and Head of Department, Food Science and Technology

Advisory Committee
University/Cooperative Extension
Evelyn F. Crayton, Ed.D., R.D., L.D., Professor and Extension Foods and Nutrition Specialist, Auburn University
Angela Fraser, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Extension Food Safety Specialist, North Carolina State University
Linda Harris, Ph.D., Extension Food Safety/Microbiology Specialist, University of California_Davis
Virginia Hillers, Ph.D., Professor and Extension, Washington State University
Elizabeth Hoyle, M.S., Professor and Extension Food Specialist, Clemson University
Patricia Kendall, Ph.D., R.D., Professor and Food Safety Extension Specialist, Colorado State University
Karen Penner, Ph.D., Professor and Extension Specialist, Food Science, Kansas State University
Donna Scott, M.S., Food Safety Specialist and Senior Extension Associate, Cornell University
Christina Stark, M.S., R.D., Extension Nutrition Specialist, Cornell University Industry
Judy L. Harrold, Manager, Consumer Affairs, Alltrista Consumer Products Company
Jo Anne O'Gara, Home Economist, National Presto Industries, Inc.

Our Projects

Multiple strategies for making safe food preservation recommendations available are being used: critical literature reviews and publishing of results; original research; updating of existing USDA and Extension consumer publications; and establishing additional distribution channels for dissemination of guidelines, including a new website. The Center's website is the place to find information about the Center's projects and its findings, USDA home food preservation publications, Center publications, links to other Cooperative Extension System publications, multimedia (graphics, animations, slides, and video), and how-to guides. Other programs in development through the collaboration of the Center include a model volunteer-based Master Food Preserver Program, an instructional video series, and an original web-based curriculum on home food preservation. Evaluation strategies have been implemented to assess effectiveness.

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