Home Critical Review of Home Preservation Literature and Current Research
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The original Final Report for this project, published in 1983, contained 12 appendices not reproduced in this revision. Appendices 1 through 5 contained comparisons of state Cooperative Extension Service home canning recommendations with those in USDA Home and Garden Bulletins. Appendices 6 through 10 list additional products and processes offered by state Extension Services. Those products apparently did not originate from USDA publications and the data for them were not requested or analyzed in this study. Appendix 11 contained the references used in compiling Appendices 1 through 10, and Appendix 12 listed the names of 17 state Extension specialists who sent written responses to our request for information.
These data showed that at least 38 states or territories followed USDA process schedules for some home-canned products. The appendices are not reproduced in this revision, as they do not represent the current publications in the states or territories. The original tables may be obtained in print form only from the lead author.