Home Critical Review of Home Preservation Literature and Current Research
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List of Tables
Chapter I
Table 1. Outbreaks of Botulism from Home Canned and Processed Food
Table 2. 1970-79 Summary of Botulism
Chapter II
Table 3. Historical Home Canning Process Schedules
Table 4. First Timetable for Canning Vegetables Under Steam Pressure
Table 5 Timetable Processing Meats and Chicken in the Steam Pressure Canner
Table 6. The Effect of Spore Concentration and Substrate on Thermal Death Time Characteristics of Putrefactive Anaerobe No. 3679
Chapter III
Table 7. Process Values for Meat and Poultry in Different Containers
Table 8. Spoilage of Vegetables Inoculated With 10,000 Spores of Putrefactive Anaerobe No. 3679 per Pint and of Controls, After Processing in Pint Jars at 240° F and Incubating at 86°
Table 9. Regression Equation and Standard Error of Estimate of Regression of Process Value on Process Time; Calculated and Recommended Process Times for Vegetables in Various Containers Processed at 240° F
Table 10. Lethality of Cooling Period
Table 11. Origins of Home Canning Processes for Low-Acid Vegetables
Table 12. Comparison of Calculated and Published Processese for Vegetables
Table 13. Origins of Home Canning Processes for Meats and Poultry
Table 14. Origins of Home Canning Processes for Acid Foods
Table 15. Suggested Revisions for Canning Tomato Products
Chapter IV
Table 16. Effect of Depth of Water-Bath Upon Interior Temperature of Contents of Glass Jars
(boiled 60 minutes after water-bath began to boil)