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Cured meats have a short shelf life, even in the freezer, because of the high fat content and the development of rancid flavors. Rancidity develops even in the freezer and the presence of the curing salts hastens its development.

The Food Marketing Institute recommends that opened bacon not be frozen. Their recommendation is that unopened bacon only be frozen up to one month.

To freeze unopened bacon, overwrap the store package with heavy duty foil or other freezer wrapping, being sure to push all the air out of the package and tightly close the wrapping around the inside package.

If you cannot use a full package and want to try freezing opened bacon for a very short time period, remove the portion you want to freeze from the package as soon as you open it, not after it has been in an open package for a while. Be sure to wrap the portion for freezing in heavy duty freezer plastic wrap or bags, making the package air-tight. Freeze quickly to a temperature of 0 degrees F. or lower.

Again, the Food Marketing Institute recommends a 1 month storage limit for unopened bacon. Our maximum recommendation would be 1 to 3 months for bacon and cured meats. The longer you store it, the more the quality and flavor will deteriorate.

June 2005.

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